Catalog Conversion Services

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Your Catalog Conversion need

For any organization planning to venture into e-marketing or e-commerce, the first step would be Catalog conversion. A catalog gives your customers a comprehensive view of the products and services on offer from your company. It is only with the help of your online catalogs that your customers can access your products, likewise you can reach out to millions of customers across the globe if there is a product launch or any changes made to your existing products. A catalog basically gives your company a broad customer-base.

+Why outsource the task?

Gone are the days of hard-bound paper-back catalogs with fine glossy prints. Where everything is available at the click of a mouse, catalogs that are digitized or converted to digital form are widely accepted. A complete Catalog Conversion service would take care of the following conversions:

  • PDF

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • Image

  • SQL

  • MS Access

  • Oracle Database

  • HTML

  • XML

  • +Who should use these services?

    From marketers to leading organization, every company strives for up to date data that they can manage systematically in order to gain timely access to right information without any delays. Banks, Insurance companies, Legal firms, Government organizations are just to name a few who can avail of data management services.

    +Data Management Services by Globaldatatec

    The pursuit of finding a professional Data Management Services is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Coming to Globaldatatec is where your search ends. We believe in the manifestation of streamlined, organized and affordable management of crucial data. You can outsource your data management needs to us and we give you the chance to focus on business activities that help take your business ahead.

    +Advantages of venturing with us

    Streamlined Data – Our skilled workforce possess the necessary expertise to understand your data and requirements, take necessary actions and provide results that comply with your specifications.

    Data Security – We are responsible and we testify that by maintaining the security of your data at every level. We have the requisite tools and technology to ensure that not an inch of your data is leaked out.

    Cost-effective – As it may sound, but our services are not expensive. We advocate our vow to providing solutions at cost-effective rates.

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