Data Entry Services

Approaching a professional Data Entry Service providers gives your company the extra advantage!

Need for Data Entry Services

Whether you are managing a multi-million turnover company or are just mid-sized business concern, you would be having a room full of papers with vital data. Data that is stored on paper can be very tedious to store. Further, scanning through such a voluminous data for retrieving some minor information is an even more daunting task. For the same purpose, easing out the dilemmas of business owners, Data Entry Services are a way out. It is very vital for data to be managed effectively. Any issue in terms of quality, time, or unforeseen delays can prove detrimental to the business.

When data is keyed in digital format it provides:

  • Ease of retrieval

  • Ease of storage

  • Security

  • +Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

    Outsourcing Data Entry Services to a professional can entail a host of benefits.

  • It is timely and accurate as the data entry process is undertaken by experts. They are especially trained to undertake work in any volumes.

  • The output before reaching the client goes through a series of Quality Checks ensuring that the result is 100% error free.

  • A range of advanced tools are used which ease the work process. Data is captured with highest degree of accuracy.

  • By outsourcing Data Entry Services your business gets the boost that you have always wanted to have. It saves your business the time, money and effort that would go waste if you had considered taking the process in-house. Investing in infrastructure and technology can be very expensive, instead outsource to professionals and focus on core business activities that enable you to take your business ahead.

    +Who can benefits from these services?

    Almost any sphere of business can benefit from the service:

  •  Health care & Medical

  • Insurance

  • Finance & Banking

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Media

  • Manufacturing

  • Transport

  • Logistics

  • Publishing

  • +Proficient Data Entry Services by Globaldatatec

    Globaldatatec is your trusted partner for quality Data Entry Services. We offer excellent professional service and support. Some of our services in the sector comprise:

  • Data entry from hard /soft copy to database

  • Insurance claims entry

  • Data entry from images

  • Online data entry

  • Mailing Lists

  • Legal Documents

  • Business card indexing

  • Data entry of birth records, town records, etc.

  • Clinical / Medical Billing

  • PDF to Excel

  • Books of Accounts / Tax

  • +Advantages of venturing with us
  • Your data is secured with us. We understand the confidentiality of data and hence strive to maintain the same.

  • We have multi-level quality checks that ensures 100% accuracy in data output.

  • The speed of our typists is the prime reason for us to deliver results on time.

  • Our team is proficient, expert and thorough professionals in their realm of work.

  • We deliver quality results within the stipulated turnaround time.

  • Our rates are the most affordable in the industry

  • "For services with emphasis on quality and accuracy – Contact us now!"