Data Typing Services

If your data is critical, requires accuracy and is urgent in nature – turn to Data Typing Services!

Why is there a need for Data typing Services?

Voluminous data is an ever increasing concern for any business organization. Data delays could lead to customer dissatisfaction and hence a company could end losing valuable customer base. A high customer attrition can be detrimental to any business. If however data entry is to be undertaken by the business on its own, it could lead to increasing costs and thereby cutting down of profits. Every company has high handling costs of document. In order to waive off the costs and lessen the expenditure of the company, Data Typing Services are vital.

+Outsource Data Typing Services

Outsourcing typing services to a professional firm would mean improving the efficiency of your company. It can be considered a strategic step in the direction. Instead of wasting time and human resource by engaging in typing services, it would be beneficial to outsource the same at the hands of professionals. The different types of Data Typing Services that are undertaken are:

  • Document Typing

  • Audio Typing

  • Copy Typing

  • Online / Offline Typing

  • Book Typing

  • Resume Typing

  • Manuscript Typing

  • Image Data Typing

  • Agreement documents, brochures, reports, etc.

  • Scanning, OCR

  • PDF Conversion

  • +Who can benefits from the services?

    There is a wide spectrum of businesses or companies who can turn to Data Typing Services

  • Publishing companies

  • Banking & Finance

  • Legal firms

  • Government corporations

  • Recruitment agencies

  • Real Estate

  • The list is just endless. The input can be in any form – paper documents, images, old database, etc. The output would be delivered as per client specifications – COBOL, MS Word, Excel, SGML, HTML, etc.

    +When you are in pursuit of excellence; it can be none other than Globaldatatec?
  • Quest for superiority

  • In-depth Knowledge

  • Right analysis

  • The above three factors combined together makes us the best when it comes to outsourcing Data Typing Services. However, teaming with us would benefit your business as –

  • We deliver time-bound results with 100% accuracy.

  • Our typists have an excellent typing speed – 50 wpm [average] and are proficient with various applications – MS Word, Excel, Access, Power point, etc.

  • We at Globaldatatec understand the crucial aspect of your data and strive to keep it confident.

  • By outsourcing your requirement to us, you save on the huge the costs of hardware / software installations.

  • Our stringent quality checks ensure that we give your 100% accurate results.

  • Our personnel are experienced and trained to even read and decipher hand-written documents.

  • We use the state-of-art technologies to recognize text from digital images.

  • "Venture with us to reduce operational costs and boost profits! Contact us now!"