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OCR [Optical Character Recognition] – An overview

OCR is a fairly automated process for conversion of paper data into software or digitized data using techniques or software like PrimeOCR, etc. This is a highly specialized process that engages high resolution scanners and expertise. OCR Data when generated is not flawless. It has a host of errors. Especially when the data has to be formatted into tables, databases, etc. Hence, OCR [Optical Character Recognition] Cleanup Services are required to make the data usable. The parallel clean-up operation or ICR clean-up initiated recovers the lost data and improves the quality of the process.

+Why should the task be outsourced?

OCR is a tool that involves high end technology. It is therefore not wise for any company or business concern to invest in so much manpower or infrastructure. It could mean a lot of capital being used up. Hence, professional OCR [Optical Character Recognition] Cleanup Services make use of technology and expertise to compare the scanned files with the original documents and take care of any errors or characters being missed. The Cleanup services are required to make up for the lost data.

Benefits of OCR [Optical Character Recognition] Cleanup Services

  1. During the process of OCR data could be lost. The cleanup service gets back all the lost data.

  2. Characters that are misread are thrown as errors. They can be rectified during the process.

  3. Accuracy level is up to 99%.

+The OCR [Optical Character Recognition] Cleanup Services can be beneficial to

The OCR Cleanup action that follows through the OCR process corrects any records that are erroneous. These errors are often those unavoidable wrong entries that are extracted and used by the original software. Some instances where the service could be of utmost use are those areas where there is a lot precision required:

  • Science Textbooks

  • Research papers

  • Finance Reports

  • Accounts

  • Sales etc.

  • +What does the OCR cleanup Process involve?
  • Error Control

  • Fast rendering

  • Data to be stored in electronic format

  • +Teaming with us can entail the following benefits
  • We incorporate the latest technology & software.

  • Our services are very cost-effective.

  • We strive to attain deadlines.

  • Our team is well-trained and efficient

  • We can convert your files into any format specified by you.

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