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OCR Conversion Services

An efficient human resource leveraged to bring solutions to organizations making your work simpler – Optical Character Recognition

Need for OCR Conversion Services

Optical Character Recognition is converting of paper document into digital format. Where data-entry work becomes mundane and time consuming, OCR comes as a relief. OCR is a technique where in the machine reads your paper documents and converts them into soft copies for later retrieval. It offers ease of storage and leads to lesser cost with regards to less paper management.

+The service from an expert

Professionals who lend OCR Conversion services combine the latest techniques in image enhancement and image acquisition. Information that comes in is from paper documents, files, resumes, labels, addresses, etc. The services offer the ease of converting the entire document or portions thereof into digital format. These soft copies can then be easily extracted and pasted on to the company’s website.

+Why outsource?
  1. Professional services use the most updated software and specialized scanners.

  2. Output is delivered in a format acceptable by the client.

  3. Wide spectrum of OCR resources can be used – typewritten OCR, music OCR, etc.

  4. Convert images to text – graphs, diagrams, tables, equations, etc.

+Where can OCR Conversion Services be of use?

The service can be of utmost use in the following areas:

  • Photographs

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Marketing Materials

  • Payroll Forms, Slips

  • Spreadsheet to Excel Conversion

  • Resumes

  • Application Forms

  • +Professional Services @ Globaldatatec

    Our reputation in the market has earned us a name that is synonymous with the most reliable and budget friendly OCR Conversion Services provider. Our specialized scanners and highly competent team can convert any file type into a format of your choice. While normally customer prefer PDF or TIFF conversions, we cater to customized solutions for our esteemed clients.

    We place immense emphasis on training of our personnel and keeping them up to date with the changing technologies. They are completely equipped to handle work pressure without any time lags. We insist on highly error free conversion. The quality check at our end ensures 99.95% accuracy. For the convenience of our clients, we take to upload the images on to their web site or any web location.

    We give freedom from print and paper documents by transforming them into digital formats or soft copies. By our OCR Conversion Services we even reduce the error percentage which could have otherwise been an issue, if a client takes to Data Entry. Hence, we assure to make your business practices easier and less burdensome.

    "We work to provide you end-to-end solutions!"