Transcription Services

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Need for Transcription Services

These services involve creating a textual format document of audio or video recording of several business interactions that comprise of meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations, lectures etc., for present and future use.

+Why are transcription services necessary?

To avoid disputes or misunderstanding, it is vital for business concerns to keep a record of business transcriptions. Often there are board meetings, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, which without effective transcription services would be difficult to hold record of. Hence, businesses to avoid disputes and keep a tactful record of past meetings or videos search for professional transcription service providers. It saves the company time of remembering vital issues so also it is an escape from debates that could otherwise arise.

+Benefits of outsourcing Transcription Services to professionals

Any type of task when outsourced to a professional, you know it is safe hands. An in-house staff can prepare transcripts in office, but it would drastically differ in quality, accuracy, style, flow and efficiency. Apart from quality issues, there would be immense of expenditure that would be required to undergo for hiring the staff, and setting up the infrastructure in terms of technology and software.

Here are a few reasons why you should look for professionals in the service:

  • Trained transcripts are proficient in their work and the output is 99% accurate.

  • A quick TAT

  • 24x7 customer support.

  • Customized services.

  • Helps you eliminate overhead costs.

  • Can handle any input format [analog recordings, MP3, WAV, etc.

  • Output can be given in any format as per the clients’ requirements - .DOC, .TXT, .PDF, etc.

  • +The areas of business where transcription is most needed

    Transcription services would be of most use in areas as:

  • Legal firms – The courtroom disputes and hearings are recorded and can be transcribed for later retrieval.

  • Meetings – Boardroom meetings can be captured on to audio files and these are very vital for the company in case of future decision making.

  • Seminars – Seminars when recorded and kept as textual format come of utmost use.

  • Lectures – Educational lectures are especially required by students for later retrieval.

  • +Proficient Transcription Services by Globaldatatec

    Globaldatatec is the right choice for outsourcing your requirements. With our proficiency and expertise in the realm of work and the use of the most advanced technology we become the result of your quest:

  • We are fast and accurate.

  • Our experience has enabled us to give transcription solutions to a plethora of clients.

  • Our transcriptionists are highly trained and proficient, capable of handling your services within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Every client is special to us, hence we strive to offer customized solutions to each client

  • Our rates are extremely cost-effective.

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