XML Conversion Services

Give your company a competitive edge over others with XML Conversion Services!

Why is there a need for the service?

XML – Extensive Mark-up Language is a web publishing platform used for publishing articles or information on the Internet.

XML Data Conversion converts data from a specific format to XML format. This task is accomplished using a set of rules. XML conversion makes data more presentable and user-friendly. In today’s world presentation is the key to success. Data needs to be presented effectively over the internet so as the message is got across the target customers.

+Should XML Conversion Services be outsourced?

Outsourcing is the best way to get your data converted into XML format. A team of experienced professionals use the latest content analysis and conversion tools to serve defined XML conversion services at lesser costs. The XML conversion projects are constantly monitored by a quality control team to guarantee accuracy above 98%. Some of the formats that can be converted to XML are:

  • Text

  • Word

  • HTML

  • Excel

  • RTF

  • PDF

  • Professional XML Conversion Services also provide varying options for downloading and uploading of data:

  • E-Mail

  • FTP upload

  • Mail

  • CD

  • DVD

  • By outsourcing you add more value to your company by focussing on other core business activities. Your business gets to benefit from superior technology at reduced costs.

    +What types of businesses can make use of XML Conversion Services?

    Almost any type of business can make use of XML conversion services. These services become essential if your company’s presence is to be felt over the web. Be it your company’s reports, launches, campaigns, research papers, etc. Any data can be out for XML Conversion to be put up on the internet.

    Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Banks, Finance, Accounts, Retail, Marketing, etc. each can make use of the service to the optimum.

    +Why should you outsource to Globaldatatec?

    Make a note of the services that we have to offer:

  • HTML to XML

  • Word to XML

  • PDF to XML

  • XML tagging services

  • +Advantages to team with us:
  • Multiple years of experience and expert staff.

  • Expertise in providing XML Conversion Services to a plethora of customers from all realms of business.

  • Accuracy that is unmatched.

  • Savings in costs.

  • Ability to work in the shortest turnaround time.

  • "Reduce operational costs; increase your profits - Outsource XML Conversion to Globaldatatec!"