The most time effective cum cost effective Data Typing Services
Data Typing Services

Any business organization faces the ever increasing concern of handling voluminous data. Delays in data can lead to losing valuable customer base which would be detrimental to any business. However, the cost of managing an efficient in-house team for data typing can be quite high. So, they seek to entrust this to reliable and trustworthy data typing services offshore. These services take inputs in the form of images, paper documents, old database, etc; and deliver outputs in formats like MS Word, COBOL, HTML, SGML, Excel, etc as per client specifications.

What are the different data typing services offered?

+Data typing firms offer various services including-
  • Audio Typing

  • Document Typing

  • Online/Offline Typing

  • Copy Typing

  • Resume Typing

  • Book Typing

  • Image Data Typing

  • Scanning, OCR

  • Manuscript Typing

  • Agreement Documents, Reports, Brochures, Etc.

  • Why have data typing services become essential?

    Cut-off costs : As mentioned earlier, managing an in-house team for data typing can be quite expensive because of the salaries to be given to the staff and because of the infra-structural investments to be made. By outsourcing the data typing work to reputed service providers, business can get their work done in a fraction of this cost.

    Scalability : The data volume of businesses keeps fluctuating. At times, there is no data at all to be typed; and in such a case, maintaining staff for typing would incur losses. And sometimes, there is huge volume of data for typing, but the staff may be inadequate to handle it. Outsourcing data typing work takes care of this.

    Reliable Process Management : Data typing needs high accuracy and zero information loss; and so due amount of security, diligence and processes are to be followed. The data typing organizations have stringent security protocols embedded in their workflow to ensure reliable data process management.

    Turnaround time convenience : There is a time difference of 9 to 12 hours between the offshore services and the outsourcers. This is a big boon for the businesses as this helps in the 24/7 hours functioning of their businesses, which in-turn leads to higher profits.

    Who can make use of the data typing services?

    +A wide range of companies or businesses can take the help of these services. Some of these include
  • Publishing Companies

  • Legal Firms

  • Banking And Finance

  • Government Corporations

  • Real Estate

  • Recruitment Agencies

  • Healthcare Industries

  • Medical Industries

  • Insurance Companies

  • Financial Institutes

  • And many moreā€¦..
  • By outsourcing the non-core activity of data typing to dedicated data typing firms, businesses can focus better on their critical aspects and promote themselves better.