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The world is becoming increasingly speedy and technology driven. In the tech-savvy environment, if your business is not taking the shift to outsourcing critical aspects of your business then you are without doubt losing a chance to reduce costs and increase your efficiency. If you have to put your business ahead in the cut-throat competition, outsourcing some of the crucial tasks is essential. There is going to be some need for automation and outsourcing is best alternative for your company. With outsourcing done to professionals; all your worries about security of data, confidentiality, processes, or the technology used can be put to ease. As you prepare to take your step towards outsourcing, these are the most common questions that any customer would be likely to ask

Q :Tell me more about Globaldatatec.

Globaldatatec is a leading service provider in India with base in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. We serve a broad base of clients offering varied services from data entry to complex conversion services. We provide a one-stop solution for all your business process needs. We have been successfully engaged in providing quality services to known clients and have gathered valuable experience which enriches our expertise.

Q :What services can I outsource to Globaldatatec?

Globaldatatec can take care of all your non-core business functions giving your time to focus on more critical aspects of your business functioning. Some of our services from the huge plethora that we have to offer are:

  • Health care & Medical

  • Mortgage Services

  • Legal Process Outsourcing Services

  • Finance & Accounting Services

  • Call Center Services

  • Web Analytics Services

  • Conversion Services

  • Transcription Services

  • Q :Can I cut down my operational costs by outsourcing to Globaldatatec?

    Most certainly the answer is a big yes! You can cut down your operational costs by an amazing 50% once you choose us as your outsourcing partner. Your ROI would shoot up immediately because of our impeccable service quality, accurate outputs and delivery ahead of schedule.

    Q :Are your employees experienced, certified and qualified?

    Our clients are very valuable to us. In the midst of offering them quality-backed services, we at Globaldatatec hire professionals who have a lot of experience in their realm of work. Our employees are nothing short of graduates or post graduates in disciplines such as engineering, computer science, software, commerce, etc. For tasks that require specific skills, we hire only those candidates who have received certified training in the same sphere. We also take to upgrading our employees’ knowledge and skills with respect to changing technology with trainings and seminars.

    Q :What modes of payment do you accept?

    We offer an array of payment methods. The most common means are by electronic transfer or by bank cheques. However, if your wish to adopt alternate means of payment the process can be communicated and phased out by talking to our team.

    Q :How can I benefit working with Globaldatatec?

    Once you team with eDataMine, we can assure you of high quality standards of work, professional approach and customer centric manner of working. Our team works in tandem with clients so as to understand their requirements and deliver the results as per their specifications. Each client is given a dedicated workforce who works solely on the project to be supervised by senior professionals. The end result is accurate and timely completion of work at affordable cost!

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